Where did your site name come from?

You might be wondering the origins of the site name. My love story with the color blue began ever since I was in grade school. I distinctly remember racking my brain for a suitable username in a website I have long since abandoned. That was the biggest dilemma I had all day – usernames are more or less permanent, and I didn’t want to sound stupid with usernames like rainbow_stars or something (I had rainbow_stars as an email, and I still cringe whenever I think of it, gahd). I know I loved the color blue, and I remembered this show on Cartoon Network (I think) that was called Code Name: Kids Next Door or something like that. Hence, the birth of Code Name: Blue. It’s a username I’ve been using ever since, way before the Korean band CNBlue began rising to fame, or even existed. So no, I am not obsessed with the band, just saying.

What’s this all about? Why does this exist?


What kinds of books will you review? Movies? Music? 

I read virtually anything. I used to be all for reading YA, chick lit, romance, mystery/thrillers, and some sci-fi, but now I decided to broaden my horizons and explore, which is turning out to be really fun. Same goes for movies. I have an icheckmovies  account that has all these lists, and I am completing them a movie at a time (By the way, if ever you decide to make an account, add me as a friend, okay? I know absolutely nobody in the site. I’m not kidding.). I used to just watch recent movies or whatever people talked about, but I’m discovering that I actually like old films, so there you go. It’s slightly different for music. I listen to indie, rock, and alternative. I used to play the piano and violin classically, so sometimes I listen to that too. I’m afraid I don’t think I would be able to listen to other genres, like metal. I don’t know, I just can’t stand it. There are so many bands and artists in the genres I mentioned, so I don’t think I’ll be able to explore anything else anytime soon. I decided to resurrect my Last.fm account last August (I’ve had it since January 2010 but I never downloaded the scrobbler so it only recorded the tracks I listened to since August 2011) which really helps in discovering new and not-so-new bands.

Do you review TV shows? What kind?

I’m still torn between liveblogging, recapping, or doing something else for TV shows. I’ll probably only do that for the more recent ones, unless I just started watching series even when it’s been on for years, in which case I’ll probably review just the season*. My TV tastes are diverse, and my preferences include sci-fi, mystery, adventure, and comedy. I watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Community, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Misfits, and a lot more others. And.. I admit I also watch Korean dramas. Guilty pleasure! (UPDATE 12.31.12 TV shows are fairly consistent, and I am not, so nevermind.)

How often do you post reviews?

I’ve got a really rocky schedule so I can’t specifically tell you when, but I suppose you could expect at least one review a week. Surely I’d have finished a book or watched a movie or done something else review-worthy in that time frame. Since this is my 2012 project, I will do everything in my power to not abandon this. I really enjoy what I do for this blog, you know.

Where do your book descriptions come from?

My book blurbs come from either Goodreads or Amazon. I put a asterisk at the end of each blurb to direct you to the web page I got it from. Just look for something like this at the end -> *

Who are you?!

I’m Alexa. Currently a college sophomore studying a pre-med course that I should really concentrate on. Seventeen… for a while now.


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