Belated Merry Christmas! Or: How I Love Christmas More Than My Own Birthday

FINALLY, after more than three months’ hiatus, I’m back! I am so sorry it took me so long to write anything at all. I expected things to slow down once the second semester started, but it just left me with less time to spend as I’d like. Thankfully, because it’s Christmas break, I have more free time than usual. What better to write about than Christmas, though, right? ’tis the season, after all!

From a bookish point of view, my Christmas was very, very eventful indeed. Because I joined this fantastic book club, a bookish loot almost couldn’t be avoided, of which I am really glad. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything at all because it was my first Christmas with them and I had no idea how things worked. I was pleasantly surprised that by Christmas, a new pile of books were added to my tiny library. Come and look! I’m going to show them all wrapped so I look like I have self-control (In fact, I opened them all after I took this picture, which was 10 days before Christmas. Oops.)

Thank you so much, TFG friends! You know who you are :”)

I’m not saying this because of my amazing loot, but I can’t not say it: Joining a book club was one of the best decisions I made this year. No regrets. Our Christmas party was held about a dozen days past, but I still can’t get over how much fun I had. Being around like-minded loons is really good for you! (Just kidding guys, you’re not really loons, haha. Love you!)

Despite lots of conflicts in our respective college schedules, I actually got to have my annual Christmas tea party with Yong, Claude, and Ingrid! No pictures this time, but I still got some fantastic books like Gennifer Choldenko’s Al Capone Does My Shirts and Jack Kerouac’s On The Road: The Original Scroll, the latter bought with a gift certificate. 

Here’s a round-up of the books I got this Christmas:


(Okay, I’m going to be honest. Anathem wasn’t a gift from anyone. I bought it from a book sale in school, brand new for only P180 (~$4.5)! I’ve been eyeing this book for some time, and since I haven’t bought anything for the past few months, I was just all, “What the heck” and bought it as a gift for myself. )

Also, I got a fancy-looking file box with “Royal Post England” on it that makes me feel very British (thank you to my godmother, Ninang Fema!) which I think looks perfect with my new books, so I took photos of those as well. Joy!


Again, thank you, thank you so much, guys! I already have a very good feeling about 2013 if these are the books I will be reading. 🙂

Speaking of bookish Christmas gifts, writing this post suddenly made me nostalgic. The first books I received as Christmas gifts was when I was seven, and it was from Santa Claus! I remember writing to him asking for Harry Potter books 1 to 7 (I have no idea how I knew there would be seven books, prolly from the radio, but I do remember asking for them). When I opened my gift from “Santa”, I got a boxed set of Harry Potter books 1 to 4! Santa even apologized for not giving me the fifth to seventh books because they weren’t published yet. But oh, what joy to receive hardbound, perfect-smelling books! I think I may have mentioned these in a previous post, but I swear, my Harry Potter books still smell the same as they did ten years ago. I am sure of it!

My Harry Potter books that smell like parchment (or what I think parchment smells like). Like Hermione, my Amortentia would have a whiff of parchment in it, too!

Seeing the title of this blog post, you would think that I love Christmas because of the stuff I received. Hard to believe, but really, no. Everybody’s so happy during Christmas that you can’t help being happy as well! I didn’t have time to think of my expectations because to be honest, I was more excited at the thought of having an excuse to bond with everyone, and the seeing the priceless reactions of my parents after opening my presents for them (they didn’t expect me to have a gift for them – I usually am in cahoots with the other parent and my brother). You don’t get that during birthdays, which is why this will always be my favorite time of the year. 

So, what was your Christmas like?


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