Bare: A Pop Opera


In line with its 20th anniversary, the Ateneo blueREPERTORY of the Loyola Schools Performing Arts Cluster proudly presents “ BARE: A POP OPERA ”.

Due to insistent public demand following its initial sold-out three-week run in 2009, the Ateneo blueREPERTORY has decided to revive “ BARE: A POP OPERA ” as the featured season finale for school year 2011-2012, a marked precedent in the history of productions produced by the student organization.

So as to treat a bigger target audience with the musical’s powerful story, timely message and memorable music, “ BARE: A POP OPERA ” is set to open on February 29, 2012 – 8:00 p.m. at TEATRINO located at The Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan.

For tickets, inquiries and other information, please contact Chiz Jardin at 09165787618 or through email at For show buying, please contact Luis Marcelo at 09175025847.

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I am a (very) proud member of blueREPERTORY, the premier musical theater organization of my school, the Ateneo de Manila University. Despite this, I have to admit I have never watched a blueREP production until last night, because I usually performed in the band, leaving little room for me to watch anything. Needless to say, I was really blown away at the performances of my orgmates. Before I elaborate, let me explain what BARE is all about.

BARE is a rock musical with a book by Jon Hartmere, Jr. and Damon Intrabartolo, lyrics by Hartmere and music by Intrabartolo*. It covers the lives of the seniors at St. Cecilia’s, a Catholic boarding school, but the play especially focuses on Jason (played by Jaime Barcelon) and Peter (played by Bibo Reyes), roommates who have fallen in love with each other. Jason McConnell was the school’s wildly popular golden boy while Peter Simmonds was the quiet and reserved altar boy. They have been in love with each other for quite some time, but they never talked about their relationship in public for fear of being ostracized by society.

I totally fell in love with everything in this musical. The cast was flawless. I totally felt the raw emotion and I was driven to tears more than once. The music and lyrics were so beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“Everything’s an act, when you’re pleasing everyone.”

“I swear it was yesterday, I knew with a glance.
That you were the question,
and you were the answer.
That the world would make sense again if I held your hand.

“If you hide from yourself to be someone else for someone else’s sake…that would be the greatest mistake.”

And my absolute favorite:

“Father, we were so in love!
And that’s what I find so odd
Our love was pure and nothing else
Brought me closer to God.”

What’s so good about Bare is that it reflects life in all its conflicts and problems in the most poignantly beautiful way possible. There is a character for everyone to relate to, with problems one cannot have trouble empathizing way. There’s Nadia, Jason’s sharp-tongued twin sister, dealing with her weight issues and her envy of her roommate, Ivy. And then there’s Ivy, the popular girl who just wants to find somebody to love. And then of course there are Jason and Peter. In the end, they all just want to be accepted, an issue which is very real and tangible to all of us. I just love everything about it. Gah, I really, really want to watch again. And this time, I will drag my family with me. THEY NEED TO SEE THIS! Really. There are no words. Watch Bare! Only 8 shows left!!

Photos were taken from the blueREP BARE Facebook page.

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